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CCL used to maintain two different methods for searching the CCL archives. Maybe some day it will have them again, but not now. The reason is that searches are VERY computationally intensive and with the growth of the archives and the popularity of site, I would need a separate and more powerfull computer than the one that serves the CCL now.


  • Go to Google ( and click on a small link Advanced Search by the search query field. You can also go directly to the Advanced Search by using the following link:
  • Enter your search keywords on the top line (or use more advanced options if you please) but under Domain type in in the field provided.
  • Then click on Google Search button in the upper right corner
  • Alternatively you can enter the search keywords on the generic search page at but follow them (or start them with) to restrict your search.
  • Or just select CCL.NET below and search:
    Web CCL.NET

The stuff below is historical at this moment

  • [ Text Search ]: searches CCL messages using words (provided via htdig).  CURRENTLY INACTIVE.
    Login: ccl
    Password: search

  • [ Regular Expression Search ]: that used search CCL archive by regular expressions.  IT IS CURRENTLY DISABLED SINCE IT REQUIRES MORE POWERFUL MACHINE THAN CURRENTLY AFFORDABLE BY CCL.NET

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Jan Labanowski, Ph.D.
CCL Administrator
jkl at ccl net

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