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Dec. 3, 2010. Urgent: please read the message from from the Society Chair: http://www.qsar.org/news.htm.

QSAR Mailing List is maintained by The Cheminformatics\and QSAR Society, http://www.qsar.org. The purpose of this discussion list is to provide a forum for scientists involved with classical QSAR, multivariate statistical modelling, molecular modelling, and computer-aided drug design to exchange ideas and benefit from each others' experiences. It is also used to distribute messages of interest to The Cheminformatics and QSAR Society members.
All scientists who investigate quantitative structure-activity relationships in medicinal, agricultural, or environmental chemistry, by any one of these methods, are invited to join the Cheminformatics and QSAR Society. Membership information can be obtained from the Society Home Page at http://www.qsar.org.

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