Supporting Computational Chemistry List

To support its operation CCL provides services. For all paid services you will receive regular invoices and receipts that you can charge against your project funds. You can also support CCL individually. Beside that CCL participation and archives are free and open. Be one of the sponsors and help CCL continue in this mode. Currently, you can help CCL in the following way:

Details about CCL supporting options.

CCL is now operated from the private home and registered as a Computational Chemistry List, Ltd. in the State of Ohio as a for-profit LLC. Running it as a IRC 501(c)3 charity would involve too much red tape and reporting overhead. I would be glad to do it but it would add to its operation costs. CCL Services are rendered before payment. I realize that your organization polices and commencing the payment may be convoluted and long. You will be issued a regular invoice. It will be generated automatically and sent to you via email if you use the Self-Serve Web Forms or I will send it to you via regular mail if you asked me to fill out the Web forms for you.

The preferred payment option is by Credit Card. Checks that are drawn in an American Bank are also encouraged and many banks outside the US provide this service for a nominal fee through their corresponding banks in the US. Use the Bank/Wire Transfers as the last resort since they are expensive for you and me. My bank charges me 15 USD for each transfer, and your bank charges you even more. It is probably cheaper to send me money via, e.g., Western Union than with a bank transfer. My address, account information, and other technical payment details are provided in the invoice that is generated when you order a CCL service.


Thank you for your support!