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Date: Sun Oct 23 00:49:41 2005
Subject: 06.01.08 Protein Folding Dynamics, Gordon Research Conference, Ventura, CA
Protein Folding Dynamics

January 8-13, 2006
Four Points Sheraton: Harbortown
Ventura, CA

Chair: Jane Clarke (University of Cambridge, UK)
Vice Chair: Charles L Brooks (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA)

The Gordon Research Conference on Protein Folding Dynamics will follow 
the Gordon-Kenan Graduate Research Seminar on Protein Folding Dynamics 
(January 6-8, 2006).

Protein folding is a multidisciplinary area of research addressing one 
of the fundamental problems in biology. Understanding the dynamical and 
energetic features of folding, are keys to elucidating issues of protein 
function, design and the origin of misfolding diseases. Consequently, 
few other fields have seen such a successful blend of physical and 
biological sciences. Progressively more studies are being published 
bringing together experiment and theory, and this combination is 
advancing the fundamental understanding of the folding process. 
Technological and theoretical advances have altered our view of the 
how protein folding occurs. Fast events can be observed experimentally 
on timescales that approach those accessible by all-atom molecular 
dynamics simulations. New, sophisticated "simple" models of proteins 
allow ensemble kinetics to be sampled and compared to experiment. 
The Gordon Research Conference in Protein Folding Dynamics, is a 
relatively new conference, set up to specifically bring experiment 
and theory together to explore advances in the field, and as a forum 
to discuss fundamental problems from polypeptide energetics and 
dynamics; to chaperone assisted folding and the relationship between 
protein misfolding and disease. We encourage early application to 
the 3rd GRC in Protein folding dynamics conference (which was 
over-subscribed last time it was held in January 2004). We welcome 
applications from graduate students and young postdoctoral scientists. 
A selection of short talks will be invited from attendees offering 
poster abstracts.

In keeping with the multidisciplinary nature of the field all conference 
sessions will include experimental and theoretical talks. Provisional 
session titles include:

    * Folding and aggregation
    * Fast and early events in folding
    * Folding and evolution
    * Exploring the folding landscape
    * Chaperones and complex events
    * New methods

There will be plenary sessions at the beginning and end of the conference.

Speakers and session chairs who have agreed to participate include:

    * Silvia Cavagnero - University of Wisconsin-Madison
    * Cyrus Chothia - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology, UK
    * Valerie Daggett - University of Washington
    * Phil Dawson - The Scripps Research Institute
    * Chris Dobson - Cambridge University, UK
    * Bill Eaton - National Institutes of Health
    * Alan Fersht -MRC Centre for Protein Engineering, UK
    * Angel Garcia - Los Alamos National Laboratory
    * Yuji Goto - Osaka University, Japan
    * Steve Hagen - University of Florida
    * Carol Hall - North Carolina State University
    * Gilad Haran - Weizmann Institute, Israel
    * Teresa Head-Gordon - University of California, Berkeley
    * Amnon Horovitz - Weizmann Institute, Israel
    * Art Horwich - Yale University
    * Jeff Kelly - The Scripps Research Institute
    * Susan Marqusee - University of California, Berkeley
    * Mikael Olivberg - University of Stockholm, Sweden
    * Jos Onuchic - University of California, San Diego
    * Vijay Pande - Stanford University
    * Kevin Plaxco - University of California, Santa Barbara
    * Sheena Radford, university of Leeds, UK
    * Dan Raleigh - State University of New York, Stony Brook
    * Eugene Shakhnovich - Harvard University
    * Joan Shea - University of California, Santa Barbara
    * Tobin Sosnick - University of Chicago
    * William Swope - IBM
    * Sarah Teichmann - MRC LMB
    * Michele Vendruscolo - Cambridge University
    * Peter Wright - The Scripps Research Institute
    * Peter Wolynes - University of California, San Diego


    * Keynote Talks
      (Chris Dobson, Alan Fersht, Jeff Kelly, Peter Wolynes)

    * Fast and Early Events in Folding
      (Bill Eaton / Steve Hagen / Vijay Pande / Bill Swope / Tobin Sosnick)

    * Misfolding and Aggregation
      (Valerie Daggett / Yuji Goto / Carol Hall / Sheena Radford)

    * Exploring the Folding Landscape
      (Phil Dawson / Mikael Oliveberg / Jos Onuchic / Dan Raleigh /
      Angel Garcia)

    * Folding in the Cell
      (Silvia Cavagnero / Art Horwich / Anmon Horovitz)

    * Single Molecules / Complex Folding Problems
      (Gilad Haran / Susan Marqusee / Kevin Plaxco)

    * Evolution and Protein Folding
      (Cyrus Chothia / Eugene Shakhnovich / Sarah Teichmann / 
      Teresa Head-Gordon)

    * Investigating Species on Folding Pathways
      (Michele Vendruscolo / Peter Wright / Joan Shea)
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