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Date: Sun Oct 23 20:13:57 2005
Subject: 06.07.26 5th MERCURY CONFERENCE IN COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY


The annual MERCURY Conference on Computational Chemistry is the first 
national event devoted solely to undergraduate computational chemistry. 
Our Fifth conference will be held at Hamilton College from 
July 26-28, 2006.

We are pleased to announce the fifth national conference devoted solely 
to undergraduates who are working on research projects in computational 
chemistry, to be held at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, from 
July 26 - 28. This conference is a great opportunity for undergraduates 
to learn about the breadth of research in computational chemistry, 
particularly in interdisciplinary topics, and to discuss their work 
with other undergraduate computational chemists as well as some leaders 
in the field. For faculty, this conference will be an opportunity to 
generate a network of computational chemists who work with 
undergraduates, fostering collaboration and developing a sense of 
community in the field.

The talks will be split between Thursday and Friday, with undergraduate 
poster sessions taking place on one or both days.

Registration is $200 per faculty member, $100 per faculty guest, and 
$100 per undergraduate, and includes:

    * Two nights accommodation in college housing;
    * All meals, including a barbecue dinner on Wednesday, July 26;
    * A social activity on Thursday and Friday nights.

Costs for the conference are being kept low due to generous financial 
assistance from Hamilton College and SGI.

Registration materials are due by July 5th, and the deadline for poster 
abstract submission is July 12th.

Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to submit posters.
This conference is the fifth organized by the MERCURY high performance 
computer center (Molecular Educational Research Consortium in 
Undergraduate computational chemistRY), a consortium created by multiple 
undergraduate institutions with additional funding from NSF. One of the 
aims of our consortium is to increase the visibility of faculty working 
at predominantly undergraduate institutions with undergraduates. We look 
forward to seeing you and your students at Hamilton in the summer!
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