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Drug Discover Technology - Europe 2006
Conference: 13 - 16 March 2006
Exhibition: 14 - 15 March 2006
Novotel London West, UK

10th Anniversary

Offering a comprehensive overview of the full drug discovery and pharma
market landscape - Drug Discovery Technology Europe 2006 will give you
the opportunity to discuss the impact of new science.

The focus will be on the importance of Medicinal Chemistry, developments
in Predictive Techniques and an update on the progess made in
Biotherapeutics. Case studies will take place throughout the two days,
as well as during the dedicated post-conference Case Histories day.

The strategic driven aspect of the programme: Biotech Business will, for
the first year, take place on a stage in the exhibition hall.

"A major European event in the biomedical sciences that captured the
most important and timely issues faced by those active in various
aspects of biotechnology and pharmaceutical research"

Dr Robert R. Ruffolo, Jr., President, Research & Development, Wyeth
Pharmaceuticals and Senior Vice President, Wyeth Corporation, USA

New for 2006

Medicinal Chemistry
Including library design, compound collections, novel structured
targets, natural products and virtual screening vs HTS

Predictive Techniques
Including systems biology, biomarkers, biological pathways, early adme
tox, translational medicine and pharmacogenomics. Biotech Business
Including partnership and collaboration, driving R&D through
off-shoring, the pharma and biotech relationship and India pharma forum.

Biotherapeutic Update
Including next generation biopharmaceuticals, protein expression,
therapeutic alignment, combination products and HCS.

Case Histories
Updated information on products in the clinic, including project-based
information on successful developments and those which have failed.
Plan My Week

Monday 13 March - Pre-Conference Seminars  Exhibition Hall
Introduction to Pharmaceutical R&D
Partnership and Collaboration
Foundation in Antibodies
Introduction to Informatics

Tuesday 14 March -
New Opportunities in Target to Lead Discovery and Development
Promising Approaches in Enabling and Predictive Techniques
Applications for Facilitating Biotherapeutic Developments
Gaining Value from Research and Development Informatics
The Real Life Biotech Business
For the Aspiring Scientist

Keynote Presentations
Dr Jan Lundberg, Head of Global Discovery Research, AstraZeneca, Sweden

Dr Jan Hoflack, Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry & ADME-Tox,
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Belgium

Library Design
Biological Pathways
Protein & Antibody Optimisation
Strategic Value of IT to Pharma
Industry Trends
Compound Collections
Second-Generation Biotherapeutics
Informatics to Support R&D Trends
Outsourcing Effectiveness
Virtual Screening
Novel Display Technologies
Modelling and Simulation
Mad Medicine

Wednesday 15 March - Option Tracks      Exhibition Hall
Lead Generation
High Content Cellular Screening
Combination Therapeutics
Predictive Technologies in R&D
The Effective Start-up

Keynote Presentations
Dr Andreas Busch, Senior Vice President Discovery Europe,
Bayer HealthCare AG, Germany

Dr Anders Ullman, Senior Vice President, Head of R&D, Biovitrum, Sweden

Informatics to Support R&D Trends
Poster Presentations
Round Table Discussions
Off-Target Effects
Linking Biology and Chemistry Systems
Information Presentation
Building a Biotech Company
Early ADME-Tox
Therapeutic Alignment
Multi Format Data Integration

Tools For Researchers Industry Careers

Wednesday 15 March
Drug Discovery Case Histories
Looking Through the Pipeline
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