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Date: Wed Feb 1 14:03:48 2006
Subject: 06.05.15 Molecular Interactions - Bringing Chemistry to Life, Bozen, Italy
 Molecular Interactions - Bringing Chemistry to Life
 May 15th - 19th, 2006, Bozen, Italy

The Beilstein workshops address contemporary issues in the chemical and 
related sciences by employing an interdisciplinary approach. Scientists
from a wide range of areas  often outside chemistry  are invited to
present aspects of their work for discussion with the aim of not only to 
advance science, but also, to enhance interdisciplinary communication.

The workshop will take place in the historic Hotel Schloss Korb. 
The setting and the limited number of participants (ca. 50-60), 
provide a very convivial atmosphere for the ready exchange of thoughts 
and ideas.

Please find further general information, the scientific program, the 
first circular and the registration form on our web site:

Places at the workshop are limited and will be allocated on a first-come

basis. Please feel free to pass on the information to colleagues whom you 
think would also be interested in attending.

 We would be delighted to see you in Bozen.
 We have an excellent line-up of speakers including:
 Tom Blundell (Cambridge)

Protein-protein interactions in cell regulation and signalling: targets 
for drug discovery

 Wilhelm Boland (MPI Jena)

Herbivore-induced volatiles in plant defence: early and late events in 
enemy-recognition and response

 Tim Clark (Erlangen)
 Biological communication via molecular surfaces
 Jonathan Clayden (Manchester)

Remote control of stereochemistry: communicating information via 

 Athel Cornish-Bowden (CNRS Marseille)
 Bringing chemistry to life: what does it mean to be alive?

 Jonathan Essex (Southampton)
 Coarse-grained modelling of membrane systems

 Richard Goldstein (NMIR London)
 Modelling the evolution of influenza

 Stephen Haggarty (Broad Institute, Cambridge)
 The principle of complementarity: chemical versus biological space

 Andreas Hirsch (Erlangen)
 Artificial micelles and liposomes

 Trevor Howe (Janssen, Beerse)
 Interpretation of drug discovery data through visualization; current 

 Sijbren Otto (Cambridge)
 Bringing supramolecular chemistry to life

 Joelle N. Pelletier (Montreal)
 Modifying enzyme specificity by combinatorial active site mutations

 Laurent M. Humeau (VIRxSYS, Gaithersburg)
 From the bench to the clinic: story and lessons from VRX496, the first
 lentivector ever tested in phase 1 clinical trial

 Mark Sansom (Oxford)
 Molecular simulations of membrane proteins

 Gisbert Schneider (Frankfurt)
 Designing natural product-derived focused libraries
 Martin G. Hicks
 Trakehnerstr. 7-9
 60487 Frankfurt
 tel: +49 69 7167 3220
 fax: +49 69 7167 3219
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