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Date: Sat Feb 4 00:02:23 2006
Subject: 06.09.07 Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS), Sendai, Japan
the ACCMS meeting
The Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science

Sendai, Japan
7-9 September, 2006

Asian Consortium for Computational Materials Science (ACCMS) has 
entered into 5th year of its existence and we have successfully 
organized three conferences involving various active research groups 
in the Asian region. In order to optimally utilize our resources and 
manpower, it is widely felt that we should have a few working group 
meetings on the emerging areas of materials science. In view of the 
phenomenal growth in experimental as well as computational research 
in the field of clusters and nanomaterials all over the world, it is 
worthwhile to mobilize the community of people working in this area 
in different Asian countries and regions. We propose to have the 
first Working Group Meeting on Clusters and Nanomaterials organized 
under the banner of ACCMS and the Cluster Science initiative in 
Japan. The scope of this meeting will encompass fundamentals as well 
as application aspects of all nano-scale materials and phenomena. The 
deliberations will include theoretical as well as experimental 
research in this field.

The topics covered will include
* Metallic and Semiconducting Clusters
* Fullerenes and Nanotubes
* Cluster Assembled Materials
* Nano-spintronics Materials
* Transport in Nanoscale and Molecular Electronics
* Quantum Dots
* Biological Materials
* Methodologies for Size-dependent Properties

The venue, dates and expected number of participants and deadlines are :
Venue : Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
Dates : 7-9 September, 2006
Expected number of participants : 100
Deadline for submission of Abstracts : 7 June, 2006

Programme Advisory and Execution Committee (Tentative):
Y. Kawazoe (Japan) : Convener
T. Kondow (Toyota), K. Ohno (Japan), G.P. Das (India),
J. Ihm (Korea), Q Sun (China/USA), V. Kumar (Japan/India),
K. Esfarjani (Iran), V. Belosludov (Russia)

Local Organizing Committee
H. Mizuseki : General Secretary
M. Takahashi, T. Nishimatsu, R. Sahara, R. Belosludov Contact : accmsgm1+*

Additional information about the conference can be found at

Please forward information on this conference to individuals
who might benefit from participation.

With my best regards

Dr. Hiroshi Mizuseki
Institute for Materials Research
Tohoku University
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