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Date: Sat Jul 29 11:14:46 2006
Subject: 06.09.21 Molsoft ICM Workshop - Protein Structure and Drug Discovery
Protein Structure and Drug Discovery
Molsoft LLC ( ) 
September 21st-22nd 2006
La Jolla, CA, USA

Molsoft LLC ( would like to invite you to a two-day ICM
Workshop entitled "Protein Structure and Drug Discovery" to be held on
September 21st-22nd 2006 at our headquarters in La Jolla, CA, USA.

See: for more information.

The workshop is suitable for chemists and biologists who would like to
learn more about computational drug discovery and bioinformatics. No
prior knowledge in this field is required to participate in this workshop.

The workshop will be conducted by:

Prof. Ruben Abagyan PhD (Department of Molecular Biology, The Scripps
   Research Institute)

Dr. Maxim Totrov PhD (Principal, Scientist Molsoft LLC)

The workshop consists of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on
computational experiments.

Topics covered include:
- Sequence and Structure Analysis
- Molecular Modeling
- Small Molecule Docking
- Flexible Receptor Docking
- Virtual Screening
- Protein-Protein Docking
- Simulations
- Cheminformatics

The objective of this training workshop is to help chemists and
biologists solve challenging problems in the area of drug discovery by
efficient use of the science and technology present in ICM molecular
modeling tools. Ruben Abagyan Prof. of Molecular Biology at The Scripps
Research Institute and Co-Founder of Molsoft LLC

Please see our website at for more details or E-mail
andy]_[ or info]_[ or call (858) 625 2000 ext.108.
Please note class size is limited and recent workshops have sold out, so
early registration is recommended.

MolSoft is a San Diego based company that is a primary source of new
breakthrough technologies in computational chemistry and biology.
Molsoft is committed to solving intellectually challenging problems in
drug discovery and computational biology.
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