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Date: Sat Sep 23 11:00:59 2006
Subject: 07.01.06 Frontiers of NMR in Molecular Biology X, Snowbird Resort, Utah
Frontiers of NMR in Molecular Biology X

January 6 - 11, 2007  Snowbird Resort    Snowbird, Utah

Meeting Summary

Frontiers of NMR in Molecular Biology has evolved to be the premier meeting 
in macromolecular NMR. It brings together leaders in the field in methods 
development, data processing and analysis, and structural biology using 
solution and solid state NMR. This meeting will reflect the development 
and unique applications of NMR spectroscopy for studying biologically 
important macromolecules and their interactions. This includes analysis 
of structures along the pathway from free to bound; conformational dynamics 
that affect catalysis, function, and folding; screening of protein and 
RNA binding ligands for drug development; studies of misfolded proteins 
that can cause disease; nucleic acid folding and function; and methods 
for determining membrane protein structure and activity. This field has 
an enormous impact on the pharmaceutical industry, as well as on medical 
sciences, by providing methods for investigating proteins and nucleic 
acids that cause disease when mutated or that can be targeted by drugs 
for disease prevention. Challenges of more efficient structure 
determination, representation and analysis of dynamic data, and structural 
studies of macromolecular assemblies and complexes will be addressed.
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