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Date: Sat Nov 4 14:41:16 2006
Subject: 06.12.11 Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (TCS), Tiruchirappalli, India
Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (TCS
At the School of Chemistry
Bharathidasan University
Tiruchirappalli 620024, INDIA
December 11-13, 2006

Theoretical Chemistry Symposium 2006 (TCS 2006) will be held during 
December 11-13, 2006 at the beautiful campus of Bharathidasan University, 
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India as part of the Silver Jubilee 
Celebrations of Bharathidasan University. The symposium will cover the 
recent developments in theoretical chemistry and related areas of 
research through invited lectures and poster presentations.

Theoretical chemistry is experiencing fast growth in recent years; 
development of newer methodologies and exploring novel applications in 
materials, life and other sciences brought this into main focus. 
Theoretical Chemistry Symposium 2006 is the meeting ground to discuss 
these emerging trends. This Symposium, as its earlier meetings, will have 
technical presentations through invited lectures by leading experts and 
poster presentations by young researchers in the field. This meeting is 
intended not only to expose the state of the art techniques in theoretical
chemistry and its varied applications but also to stimulate young 
researchers in this field. Research scientists and students engaged in 
research in various areas of theoretical chemistry from different 
universities and research institutions in India and abroad are invited 
to participate in the deliberations of the symposium. The symposium will 
focus discussions in the following areas


    * Theoretical & Computational Methodologies in Chemistry
    * Density Functional & Wave function based Quantum Chemistry
    * Statistical Mechanics & its Applications in Chemistry
    * Classical & Quantum Simulation of Complex Systems
    * Electronic Structure & Spectroscopy of Molecules & Clusters
    * Chemical Dynamics, Reactivity & Catalysis
    * Chemistry at Surfaces and Interfaces
    * Nonlinear Phenomena & Dynamics in Chemistry
    * Molecular Materials & Nano-Systems, Soft Condensed Matter
    * Biology-inspired Theoretical Chemistry
    * Equilibrium & Non-equilibrium Processes in Condensed Phase
    * Chemo & Bioinformatics, Drug Modelling
 Registration Fee
Students and Post Docs 	Rs.   750/-
Faculty and Scientists 	Rs.1,000/-
Participants from Industries 	Rs.5,000/-
Foreign Delegates 	US $ 200

The registration fee covers breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffee/tea, 
local transport, conference material and cost of the conference 

Invited Speakers (Tentative)

Biman Bagchi   	IISc, Bangalore
Kamal Bhattacharyya    	University of Burdwan
Bhanu Das   	IIAP, Bangalore
M. Karthikeyan   	NCL, Pune
P.K. Chattaraj 	IIT, Kharagpur 	
M.K. Mishra  	IIT, Mumbai
Amalendu Chandra  	IIT, Kanpur 	
Debashis Mukherjee 	IACS, Kolkata
Sambhu N. Datta  	IIT, Bombay 	
Nayana Vaval 	NCL, Pune
B.M. Deb     	S. N Bose, Kolkata 	
Rajat Chaudhury 	IIAP, Bangalore
M. Durgaprasad 	University of Hyderabad 	
S. Ramasesha  	IISc, Bangalore
E. D. Jemmis  	IISc, Bangalore 	
R. Ramaswamy 	JNU, NewDelhi
Shridhar R. Gadre 	University of Pune 	
Saraswathi Vishveshwara 	IISc, Bangalore
M.S. Gopinathan   	IIITMK, Trivandrum 	
N. Sathyamurthy 	IIT, Kanpur
Swapan K. Ghosh 	BARC, Mumbai 	
K.L. Sebastian  	IISc, Bangalore
S.J. Grabowski 	University of Ldz, Poland  	
Kalidas D. Sen 	University of Hyderabad
Manoj K. Harbola 	IIT, Kanpur 	
Sourav Pal 	NCL, Pune
B. Jayaram  	IIT, New Delhi 	
S. Yashonath   	IISc, Bangalore
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