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Date: Thu Nov 30 16:12:29 2006
Subject: 07.08.19 234th ACS Meeting, QSAR Reborn Symposium in Memory of Dr. Magee, Boston, MA
QSAR Reborn: A Symposium in Memory of Dr. Phillip Magee
August 2007
American Chemical Society, Boston, MA

Dr. Robert Clark (Tripos) and Dr. John H. Block (Oregon State University) 
are organizing a symposium honoring the late Dr. Phillip Magee, one of 
the pioneers in utilizing QSAR. Phil was one of the organizers of the 
International QSAR and Modeling Society and was its first president. 
While it is common to apply QSAR to bioactivities in humans, he showed 
its application to agrochemicals. After retiring from the Ortho Chemical 
Division of Standard Oil, Phil used QSAR to study transdermal properties 
of molecules. Until his stroke, Phil was utilizing both his knowledge 
of physical organic chemistry and QSAR descriptors to model bioactivities, 
and this symposium is designed to honor all work in the QSAR field. 
Speakers who have developed QSAR methodologies and who apply them to 
solve problems are encouraged to contact symposium organizers. Topics 
include QSAR Descriptors (Physico-chemical, Topological, Quantum Mechanics, 
Geometrical/Stereochemical); QSAR Techniques (2D-QSAR,3D-QSAR, Topological 
QSAR, Neural networks, Classification Methods) and QSAR Applications (Drug 
design, Agrochemical design, Toxicities, Environmental properties). For 
additional information, please contact John Block at 

John H. Block         Phone: 541-737-5779
College of Pharmacy   Fax: 541-737-3999
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
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