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Date: Mon Jun 11 07:04:26 2007
Subject: 07.10.15 Latest Advances in Drug Discovery and Development, Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, USA
Please join us for the eCheminfo Autumn Community of Practice meeting at 
Bryn Mawr College running the week of October 15. In addition to five 
conference sessions on structural biology, screening, fragment-based 
design, SBDD, and ADMET running 16-18 October, attendance is also possible 
at the two workshop programs on virtual screening (15-16 October) and 
Predictive ADME and Toxicology (17-19 October). Please see links below 
for further program information.

Hands-on workshops and poster sessions are also part of the planned program
activity.  If interested in presenting a poster, please submit an abstract 
(ca. 300-500 words) for review to eCheminfo^-^

Do come join us for the special "little Oxford" type 
atmosphere we have at Bryn Mawr College, where I am confident you will 
find good opportunities for networking, discussing collaborations and 
latest scientific research, developing funding and business opportunities 
and participating in the numerous Knowledge Cafe sessions we are holding 
this year.

Best regards
Barry Hardy
Community of Practice Manager
Douglas Connect

Latest Advances in Drug Discovery & Development 
a Community of Practice Meeting and Workshop
15-19 October 2007
Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, USA
Discovery Program and Schedule on Website:
Screening Workshop:
ADME and Toxicology Workshop:
Registration: Contact Nicki Douglas, Email: nicki.douglas^-^ 
Academic, early registration and group discounts are available.

eCheminfo Conference Sessions & Chairs: 
Virtual Screening, chaired by Christopher Austin (NIH)
Structure-based Drug Design, chaired by Jose Duca (Schering-Plough) 
Fragment-based Drug Discovery, chaired by Maria Kontoyianni (Crystax Pharmaceuticals) 
Structural Biology, chaired by Max Cummings (Johnson & Johnson PR&D) 
Predictive ADME/Toxicology, chaired by Tony Hopfinger (University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy)

Confirmed Invited Speakers for eCheminfo Program: 
Stephen Burley (SGX Pharmaceuticals), Georgia McGaughey (Merck), Charles 
Lesburg (Schering-Plough), Rick Beger (FDA), Marc Nicklaus (NIH), Woody 
Sherman (Schrodinger), Daniel Cheney (Bristol Myers Squibb), Paul 
Labute (Chemical Computing Group), Ajay Jain (UCSF), Alan Cheng (Amgen), 
Tony Hopfinger (University of New Mexico), Anthony Klon (Pharmacopeia 
Drug Discovery), Artem Cherkasov (University of British Columbia), Dennis 
Pelletier (Pfizer), Chaohong Sun (Abbott), Xavier Barril (University of 
Barcelona), Jose Duca (Schering-Plough), Terry Stouch (Lexicon 
Pharmaceuticals), Natasja Brooijmans (Wyeth), Gerard Kleywegt (University 
of Uppsala), Vladimir Poroikov (Russian Academy of Sciences), Christoph 
Helma (in silico toxicology), Ann Richard (EPA), Judy Madden (Liverpool 
John Moores University), Julian Tirado-Rives (Yale), Heather Carlson 
(University of Michigan), Joseph Tomaszewski (NCI), Joseph Contrera (FDA), 
Christopher Austin (NIH), Jerome Hert (UCSF)
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