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Date: Thu Feb 19 17:31:53 2009
Subject: 09.09.29 ICCMSE 2009 - Symposium 2 - Nanoclusters, Nanostructures, and Composite Materials
                First Announcement Call for Papers 
                     ICCMSE 2009 / Symposium 2
Theoretical modeling of group 14 based nanoclusters, nanostructures,
and composite materials

ICCMSE 2009 - Seventh International Conference of Computational Methods in
Sciences and Engineering -

Hotel Rodos Palace, Rhodes, Greece: 29 September - 04 October 2009

Aristides D. Zdetsis, 
Division of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 
Department of Physics, University of Patras, GR-26500 Patras, Greece.
tel.: (+30) 2610 997458, fax: (+30) 2610 997458 
  In addition to carbon and silicon, germanium, tin, and in part 
lead can form many functional and important nanostructures, nanocrystals, 
and nanoclusters, which can be further functionalized by tailoring suitable 
key-properties according to specific needs. Such systems, and in particular 
hollow structures such as nanotubes and nanocages, are currently of great 
interest in science and technology with applications ranging from 
optoelectronics to biotechnology. 
  Simple and mixed nanosystems such as silicon, carbon, germanium, 
silicon-carbon Fullerenes (cages) nanotubes and nanowires all the way to 
organometallic silicon and germanium structures, stannaspherene and 
plumbaspherene will be considered and the latest developments will be 
discussed and analyzed in this workshop. All theoretical, computational, 
or even experimental works related (directly or indirectly) with these 
topics are welcome. 
  Special emphasis will be placed on calculations and/or approaches which 
bring up the similarities and differences between various systems and 
methods, as well as on unifying principles and concepts relating these 
systems to each other and to other groups.
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