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Date: Tue Mar 2 16:11:39 2010
Subject: 10.03.30 Q-Chem workshop in University of Louisville
Dear colleague,
The Department of Chemistry of the University of Louisville and Q-Chem 
Inc. would like invite you for one day's workshop entitled: "Advances 
in methods and applications of electronic structure calculations with 
Q-Chem program" ( 
Q-Chem is a comprehensive ab-initio quantum-chemistry package with 
capabilities range from the highest performance DFT/HF calculations to 
high level post-HF correlation methods in electronic structure 
calculations. Q-Chem tackles a wide range of molecular problems in 
academic, government and commercial laboratories, including: 
Molecular Structures
Electronic Spectra
Chemical Reactions
NMR Spectra
Molecular Vibrations
Solvation Effects
Combined QM/MM Method 
The workshop will take place on March 30th in room W104 of the Ekstrom 
Library in the University of Louisville, KY at 2301 S. 3rd Street. The 
workshop will consist of hands-on tutorial sessions, and will provide 
opportunities to learn basic and advanced features of computational 
tools in Q-Chem. 
Please bring your computer laptop for the workshop (Windows 7/Vista/XP 
preferred). The software can be downloaded from the workshop website 
( There is no charge for attending 
the workshop, however the space is limited. Please register by March 
25th at the registration website ( 
We look forward to seeing you at the workshop. 
Jing Kong, PhD
CEO and Chief Scientist
Q-Chem, Inc.
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