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Date: Fri Mar 19 02:40:15 2010
Subject: 10.10.11 DFTB Thai Summer School in Computational Chemistry, Bangkok, October 11-14, 2010
DFTB Thai Summer School in Computational Chemistry at Kasetsart University,
Bangkok, Thailand, October 11-14, 2010


We invite you to participate in the 7th Thai Summer School in Computational
Chemistry with DFTB as the focus of the workshop. The venue will be held at
Kasetsart University, more specifically the Kampangsaen Campus. This site is
roughly 50-60 km from Bangkok in the city of Nakorn Pathom (ancient city
around 100 A.D). We expect around 80 participants, mostly from Thailand and
other countries in Asia, but participants from any region are welcome to
attend. The workshop dates are October 11 to 14 (Monday - Thursday).

The workshop will consist of a series of lectures and two half-day lab
courses with hands-on
training in DFTB calculations. Invited speakers are:
- Balint Aradi, DFTB calculations for periodic systems

- Qian Cui, SCC/MM in biological systems with CHARMM

- Marcus Elstner, DFTB method and performance

- Thomas Heine, BOMD and/or CPMD with DFTB and computational environmental
  materials science 

- Jacek Jakowski, Liouville-von Neumann dynamics

- Alister Page, Simulation of nanoscale self-assembly processes using

- Henryk Witek, Modeling vibrational spectra with SCC-DFTB

- Stephan Irle, DFTB/MD simulations of combustion processes

Registration is free and accommodation will be provided on campus for a
relatively small fee.  Details about the workshop and accommodations can be
found at

We hope to see you in Thailand in October.

Stephan Irle 
Vudhichai Parasuk 
Henryk Witek 
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