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Date: Fri Jan 4 10:01:57 2013
Subject: 13.08.06 Hands-On Workshop Density-Functional Theory and Beyond, ICTP, Trieste, Italy
We are pleased to announce a 10-days Hands-on Tutorial Workshop on

               Density-functional theory and beyond:
        Computational materials science for real materials
            August 6 to 15, 2013, held at ICTP Trieste

This ten-day Hands-On Tutorial Workshop introduces the basic and
current developments in electronic structure theory for an intended
audience of researchers entering the field. Morning lectures on the
most important topics will be given by a field of international
experts, complemented by afternoon hands-on sessions - practical
exercises with computers - to deepen selected topics. For example, we

   * Density-functional theory (DFT) and quantum chemical approaches
   * The most important numerical implementations
   * Advanced functionals (capabilities and limits!)
   * Electronic structure theory "beyond traditional Kohn-Sham DFT"
     (including GW, TDDFT, many-body formalisms)
   * Ab initio molecular dynamics
   * Predictive multiscale approaches based on first principles

   ... and a wide range of other topics.

The application and poster-abstract submission interfaces for the
workshop are now open. For space reasons, the number of participants
will be limited to approx. 60. Acceptance decisions will be made within
2 weeks after the deadline (April 26, 2013).

With kind regards,

The Organizers
(Volker Blum, Carsten Baldauf, Ralph Gebauer, Matthias Scheffler)

Limited funds for financial support are available.
See the web page for details:

As a separate option, candidates from developing countries may also
apply for participation directly through ICTP at the following web site:
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