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Date: Mon Sep 29 22:26:02 2014
Subject: 15.06.08 15th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry, June 8-13 2015, Beijing, CHINA
The 15th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry (15th ICQC)
will take place in the beautiful campus of Tsinghua University in the city 
of Beijing, China, June 8 -13, 2015. This conference series was initiated by 
the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (IAQMS, 
in 1973 and held every third year since. It will be for the first time in China.
The 15th ICQC succeeds the four recent meetings in Bonn (2003), Kyoto (2006), Helsinki (2009), 
and Boulder (2012). It has been probably the most important event for 
theoretical and computational chemists all over the world. Three Nobel Laureates 
will present lectures in the conference.
The regular registration fee is 350 EURO,covering one whole week conference, 
all the lunches, Reception, and an excursion to the Great Wall. The student 
registration is only half of the regular one.
Please also note there will be 8 satellite meetings in different cities on different subjects:
Nanjing(electronic structure), Hefei (modeling nano/materials), Xiamen 
(Chemical bond), Dalian (chemical dynamics), Changchun (modeling biomolecules),
Beijing (condensed phase), Beijing (relativistic) and Kobe (Japan).
The registration will be opened on October 1, 2014. Please go to our website 
( mark your calendar and prepare your travel. We will be
more than happy to help you!
Welcome to Beijing!

ICQC Chairpersons:
Zhigang Shuai (Tsinghua University)
Weihai Fang (Beijing Normal University)
Wenjian Liu (Peking University)
Weitao Yang (Duke University)
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