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Date: Tue Mar 3 10:20:51 2015
Subject: 15.09.22 Computational Advances in Drug Discovery - EPF Lausanne - SwissTech Convention Center
This conference aims at discussing the state-of-the-art of computational methods 
as effective tools for drug discovery. Toward this end, the conference integrates topics 
that are, and will remain, central to the field, such as structure-based drug discovery and 
molecular modeling and simulations for drug design, with the introduction of novel aspects 
that are nowadays among the hot topics in the field of drug discovery, such as binding kinetics,
and methods for target identification/validation.

The current lineup of speakers includes:

Prof. R. Abagyan (UC San Diego, USA)	
Prof. P. Carloni (INM9/IAS-5, Jülich GmbH, DE)	
Dr. G. Colombo (Istituto di Chimica, CNR, IT)	
Dr. Z. Cournia (Academy of Athens, GR)	
Prof. G. Cruciani (University of Perugia, IT)	
Dr. M.D. Cummings (Janssen, USA)
Dr. E. Duffy (Melinta Therapeutics, USA)	
Prof. W. L. Jorgensen (Yale University, USA)	
Prof. G. Klebe (Philipps-Universität Marburg, DE)	
Prof. R. Levy (Temple University, USA)
Dr. J. Mason (Heptares Therapeutics, UK)
Prof. O. Michielin (UniL, CH)
Prof. A. Mulholland (Bristol University, UK)
Dr. A. Pan (DE Shaw Research, USA)
Prof. M. Parrinello (ETH Zurich, CH)
Prof. L. Scapozza (Université de Genève, CH)
Dr. W. Sherman (Schrodinger Inc., USA)
Prof. R. Walker (UC San Diego, USA)

The conference will be held in the EPF Lausanne Campus ( 
at the SwissTech Convention Center ( - September 22-25, 2015.

Registration and abstract/short talk submission is now open!

For further information please please visit:
or contact the organisers at: sbdd-lausanne2015,,
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