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Date: Mon Apr 25 05:29:19 2016
Subject: 18.09.16 Summer School Physical Methods in Molecular and Heterogeneous Catalysis, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Summer School 2016
Physical Methods in Molecular and Heterogeneous Catalysis
September 18th - September 25th 2016 

The synergy of electronic structure theory and spectroscopic methods is 
transforming modern chemistry, enabling cutting-edge research across 
all fields of molecular science. Our highly successful series of 
summer schools on Molecular Theory and Spectroscopy has specifically 
addressed the connection between spectroscopic techniques and quantum 
chemical methods for the study of molecular systems. This unified approach 
will be again central in the 2016 edition of our summer school. 
This year, however, we also expand the content of our program in an 
effort to bridge the historic divide between homogeneous and heterogeneous 

In the 4th edition of our summer school, which is scheduled for September 
18th to 25th 2016 at the Science Park (Wissenschaftspark) of Gelsenkirchen, 
Germany, experts from the molecular and the heterogeneous areas of 
catalysis research will teach on physical methods that are used for the 
study and characterization of both molecular and heterogeneous systems. 
By combining these historically distinct areas under a single program, we 
aim to help the students develop an appreciation of the common physical 
principles and to encourage a unified view of analytical methods in 

Intended audience
The school brings together an unusually broad coverage of topics and is 
addressed to graduate students, post-doctoral scientists and researchers 
who want to acquire a wider perspective and a deeper insight on physical 
principles and analytical methods that encompass both molecular and 
heterogeneous approaches to catalytic transformations. A special focal 
point of the school relates to theoretical methods and their use in the 
prediction of spectroscopic observables and in understanding the local 
electronic structure of chemical complexes and materials.

The summer school will consist of lectures by top researchers on various 
types of physical methods such as spectroscopy (EPR, optical, IR/Raman, 
XAS/XES, Mössbauer), electrochemistry and microscopy, as well as on 
introductory aspects of theoretical chemistry, ligand field theory, 
magnetism, photocatalysis, kinetics and reactivity. Lectures will be 
followed by practical sessions with computational exercises. Depending on 
individual interests, the participants may choose to attend optional special
interest lectures on selected advanced topics of spectroscopic or 
computational techniques. A poster session will give the opportunity to 
discuss current research with the lecturers and other participants in the 
context of the summer school.

Keynote lectures
We are delighted to announce that Prof. Anders Nilsson 
(University of Stockholm) will deliver the keynote lecture at the opening 
of the 2016 summer school.
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