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Date: Fri Dec 2 09:14:56 2016
Subject: 17.10.23 9th International Conference and Expo on Proteomics October 23-25, 2017 Paris, France
Proteomics Congress 2017 would like to take this privilege to invite you all 
to the 9th International Conference and Expo on Proteomics that is to 
be held during October 23-25, 2017 at Paris, France. Through our theme 
‘Exploring the hidden depths of the proteomics, the conference will 
explore the recent advancements and new methodologies that can be applied
to the research to take proteomics, one step further.

For conference website please visit:

Conference Highlights:

     Protein Expression and Analysis
     Proteomics Database
     Mass Spectrometry in Proteome Research
     Proteomics from Discovery to Function
     Protein Biochemistry and Proteomics
     Proteomics in Personalized Medicine
     Proteomics in Computational and Systems Biology
     Proteomics for Bioinformatics
     Plant Proteomics and Applications
     Food and Nutritional Proteomics
     Cancer and Clinical proteomics
     Neuroproteomics & Neurometabolomics
     Integrating Transcriptomics and Proteomics

To submit us your abstract visit:

The Proteomics Congress has a strong emphasis on support and inspiration
for the next generation of scientists, along with early-career researchers,
a Young Researchers Forum, and activities to encourage interaction with 
peers and experts.

For conference brochure please visit:

Altogether the Congress aims to be an exemplary cross-discipline gathering
in the proteomics life sciences for research presentation, discussion, 
learning, inspiration and encouragement with participants leaving with
new research knowledge and ideas, and perhaps the beginnings of international
collaborations and friendships.
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