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Date: Wed Jan 25 04:27:29 2017
Subject: 17.05.21 Eleventh European Workshop in Drug Discovery (XI EWDD)
The University of Siena is pleased to announce that the "Eleventh European Workshop in Drug Design"
(XI EWDD) will take place between the 21st and the 26th May 2017 in the Certosa di Pontignano (Siena,
First in his kind, the European Workshop in Drug Discovery has always been an UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY
for graduate students, postdocs and scientists from both Academia and Pharma Industry to celebrate 
computer-aided drug design and discovery in an EXCITING and COLLABORATIVE environment, looking
at an impressive sight of the city of Siena from a monastic complex in the heart of the Chianti and 
Tuscany and enjoying Italian hospitality and participating to HIGHLY INTERACTIVE HANDS-ON CASE 

The XI EWDD will cover the latest developments in computer-aided drug design, including:

- Advanced techniques in MOLECULAR DYNAMICS simulations
- BIG DATA management
- Novel tools in BIOINFORMATICS
- The use of free ONLINE TOOLS
...without forgetting the bases of molecular modelling!

Tutors will prepare hands-on case study regarding:

- Schroedinger
- Inte:Ligand
- Molecular Discovery and BiKi Technologies 
- Freeware tools

For more information check the website at 
or email the Organisation Committee at
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