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Date: Mon Feb 4 08:22:28 2019
Subject: 19.09.15 EUROPIN Summer School on Drug Design in Vienna, Austria
September 15-20,2019

The Summer School on Drug Design especially focuses on students and 
professionals who have a clear interest in learning the basics as well as 
latest developments in Pharmacoinformatics. The program provides an overview
on main approaches and techniques used in computational drug design, ranging
from protein modeling, docking, pharmacophore based screening, up to machine
learning, data science, and workflows. During the afternoon sessions the 
participants will have the opportunity to obtain hands-on training via 
computational exercises.

Topics coverage:
- Multi-target Profiling and Integrated Approaches
- Molecular Dynamics Simulations
- Ligand- and Target-based Design
- Pharmacophore Modeling
- Open Data, Open Tools, Open Knowledge
- Case Studies from Industry

Confirmed Speakers (more will follow):
Stefan Boresch, Maurizio Botta, Sharon Bryant, Andrea Cavalli, Gerhard Ecker,
Stephan Ehrlich, Margot Ernst, Peter Ettmayer, Marcus Gastreich, 
Gerhard Hessler, Alexander Hillisch, Dusanka Janezic, Johannes Kirchmair, 
Hugo Kubinyi, Thierry Langer, Chris Oostenbrink, Klaus-Juergen Schleifer, 
Philipp Schmalhorst, Matt Segall, Wolfgang Sippl, Barbara Zdrazil

The summer school will take place at the Department of Pharmaceutical 
Chemistry, Universtiy of Vienna, Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Vienna, Austria

For more information and registration please visit:
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