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Up Directory CCL 20.03.26 World Summit on Materials Science and Nanotechnology is scheduled to take place in Madrid, Spain on March 26-27, 2020
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Subject: 20.03.26 World Summit on Materials Science and Nanotechnology is scheduled to take place in Madrid, Spain on March 26-27, 2020
Materials Science 2020 aims to bring together all the Materials Scientists, Materials Engineers, Materials Researchers, Chemists, Professors, Directors & Co-Directors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Emeritus Faculty, Lecturers,  Research Scholars and Students from all over the world to share their knowledge. Materials Science 2020 provides a global platform to showcase and discuss recent innovations in the field of Materials Research and Nanotechnology. It also provides a great opportunity to network with peers, discover new products and services from vendors and sponsors and discover new solutions by interacting with peers physically. The theme of the conference is "To discuss the latest advancements in Materials Research and Nanotechnology".

Research Lake is a platform where Internationally renowned researchers, highly respected professors, C-Level executives meet and connect to build up a research community and provide strategic direction to academicians and practitioners through themed conferences, scientific publications, management review, and trend analysis in the field of medicine and technology.

Key Sessions

Materials Research
Computational Materials Science
Emerging technologies in Materials Science
Biomaterials and Nanomaterials
Composite Materials
Ceramics and Polymers
Materials Synthesis and Processing
Applications of Advanced Materials
Semiconductors, Alloys, and Metallurgy
Glass Science and Technologies
Metallic and Organic Materials
Advances in Graphene Research and 2D Materials
Magnetic Materials
Emerging Smart Materials
Nanotechnology in Medicine
Nanotechnology in Engineering
Future of Nanotechnology
Benefits and Applications of Nanotechnology
Spin Electronics, Amphiphilic materials
Superconductors and Advanced Engineering Polymers
Biomedical devices and 3D Printing
Catalysis Chemistry
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