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Date: Fri Nov 19 12:11:18 2021
Subject: 22.06.12 CompbioAsia - cross disciplinary computational biology training in Asia
CompBio Asia ( consists of two 14-day-long advanced studies workshops 
in computational biology. The workshops aim to graduate students enrolled in their Ph.D. programs 
and will be held in Kuala Lumpur from June 12-25, 2022, and in Singapore in 2023. The Workshop 
in Malaysia focuses on computational biology's fundamental aspects, while the one in Singapore 
will focus on advanced topics. We expect most students attending the first workshop to join the 
second workshop to further their computational biology skills and knowledge. 

The program will allow participants to work on their research projects during the workshops and 
afterward using the high-performance resources provided by the organizers. We are expecting to 
provide HPC resources to all participants for 6-9 months beyond the workshop. The participants 
will be required to propose a research project that can take advantage of the expertise of the 
instructors and HPC resources. Please work with your Ph.D. supervisor to propose the project. 

For 1-3 hours each morning, participants will receive didactic instruction in a wide range of 
computational biology subjects, covering analysis of sequence data, molecular modeling, 
molecular dynamics, and other advanced topics. For the remainder of the day, participants
 focus on interactive, hands-on training. They will have the opportunity to work on the individual 
project they proposed to the workshop. They will also have the opportunity to work on smaller
 projects to practice areas of computational biology that may not be directly relevant to their 
research project. Such flexibility will allow the students to choose a project based on their interest, 
background, and need and learn at their own pace. The first workshop in Malaysia focuses on 
computational biology's fundamental aspects.
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