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Date: Fri Mar 22 06:08:16 2024
Subject: 24.06.10 Spring School Structure-based Computer-aided Drug Design, Lausanne -Swizterland
Spring School Structure-based Computer-aided Drug Design

A one-week Spring School in Structure-based Computer-aided Drug Design will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, from June 10 to 14, 2024.
This spring school is organised by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, the University of Lausanne and the European life sciences infrastructure ELIXIR.

Funding may be available for a limited number of candidates belonging to ELIXIR nodes.

During the School, significant time will be devoted to hands-on, and the program will be divided into two main topics:
- How 3D structures of targeted proteins are obtained experimentally or theoretically, how they are stored, annotated and disseminated, how far they can be trusted and corrected?
- What are the standard and novel approaches in structure-based computer-aided drug design, how they work, what can be expected from them?

A broad spectrum of topics, will be covered by specialist in the fields, including:
  Experimental 3D structure determination  
  Collection, annotation, dissemination of experimental 3D Structures 
  Confidence in and correction of experimental 3D Structures 
  Protein structure modelling by homology and deep learning
  Binding site detection and characterisation 
  Small molecule docking
  Binding free energy estimation 
  Structure-based virtual screening
  Molecular Modelling, MD simulations 
  Deep learning in SB-CADD

By the end of the course, participants are expected to understand the main concepts of structure-based CADD, as well as how the approaches work, what can be expected of them and what their limitations are.

More information and registration here:

More information about the 3D-Bioinfo community here: 

Deadline for registration: 19.04.2024
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