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HFILES =		machine.h
COBJ =			ScianAnimation.o ScianArrays.o ScianAxes.o ScianButtons.o\
			ScianColors.o ScianColorControls.o \
			ScianComplexControls.o ScianControls.o ScianCurrentFunctions.o ScianDatabase.o\
			ScianDatasets.o ScianDepend.o ScianDialogs.o \
			ScianDraw.o ScianDrawings.o ScianErrors.o ScianEvents.o \
			ScianFileSystem.o ScianFiles.o ScianFilters.o ScianFontSystem.o \
			ScianGarbageMan.o ScianGaryFiles.o ScianGeometry.o ScianGlobalFunctions.o ScianHwuFiles.o \
			ScianHelp.o ScianIcons.o ScianIDsDefiner.o ScianJerryFiles.o ScianJohnFiles.o \
			ScianJpeg.c ScianLVR5000.o ScianLights.o ScianLists.o \
			ScianMain.o ScianMainWindow.o ScianMenus.o ScianMethods.o \
			ScianNames.o ScianNetObjects.o ScianObjFunctions.o \
			ScianObjWindows.o ScianPerspec.o ScianPick.o ScianPictures.o ScianPointers.o \
			ScianPostScript.o ScianPreferences.o ScianRecorders.o ScianRepobjFunctions.o \
			ScianScales.o ScianSciences.o  ScianScrDump.o ScianScripts.o ScianSliders.o ScianSockets.o \
			ScianSIMSFiles.o ScianSnap.o ScianSpaces.o ScianTemplates.o ScianTextBoxes.o ScianTimers.o \
			ScianSymbols.o ScianTextFiles.o ScianTitleBoxes.o ScianTrackControls.o ScianTQ2026F.o ScianTypes.o \
			ScianVisArrows.o ScianVisBalls.o ScianVisContours.o ScianVisIso.o \
			ScianVisPoints.o ScianVisMesh.o ScianVisNumbers.o ScianVisObjects.o ScianVisTraces.o \
			ScianVisSticks.o ScianVisWindows.o ScianWhisselFiles.o ScianWindows.o \

FOBJ =			ScianP3DUnfmt.o

include	lfiles.make
include flags.make

scian:			$(OBJFILES)
			echo "\nNOTE: If this step gives link errors, be sure to do make INSTALL\n"
			$(CC) $(OBJFILES) -o scian $(LFLAGS) $(LFILES)
			rm *.o
			$(CC) ScianFontMapper.c $(LFLAGS) $(LFILES) -o ScianFontMapper
			echo "\nRun 'make FONTS' at the console and try again.\n"
			$(CC) ScianPreInstall.c -o ScianPreInstall

seq:			seq.c
			cc seq.c -lm -o seq

machine.h:		machine.hdf.h machine.fortran.h machine.malloc.h
			touch machine.h
ScianIDsParser:		ScianIDsParser.c Scian.h ScianTypes.h ScianNames.h 
			$(CC) ScianIDsParser.c -o ScianIDsParser
ScianIDsDefiner.c:	ScianIDsParser ScianIDs.h
ScianTemplateHelper.h:	ScianTemplateLib.h
			$(CC) STHMaker.c -o STHMaker

ScianP3DUnfmt.o:        ScianP3DUnfmt.f 
			$(F77) $(FFLAGS) ScianP3DUnfmt.f -c

include cdepend.make

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