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It is a demo for a Periodic Table program for the Mac that I have written.
It is a Microsoft Word (Mac) document that is compressed into
a self-extracting archive using Compact Pro then binhexed
using Stuffit Lite 3.X

I own the copyright for the material enclosed.

Richard Kassissieh
The Taft School

The program is able to ...

... access basic data and a list of measurements for each element through a
simple "click on the element" interface.

... highlight several different categories of elements through menu
selections: chemical families, oxidation states, state at STP, metallic
character and outermost valence configuration.  

... graph a dozen measurements against atomic number, clearly demonstrating
periodicity in the table.

... shade the table with respect to these same measurements, revealing
directional trends.

... test students' knowledge of the locations, symbols, names and electron
configurations of the elements through a fun game.

I have found it tremendously useful in my classes (really!) and have had
success selling it independently. Inquire...

If you would like any further information, please contact me at

Richard Kassissieh
The Taft School
110 Woodbury Road
Watertown, CT   06795

summer address:
197 Bristol Road
Wellesley, MA   02181
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