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1.0	1.0	1.0	1.0
9.048376e+00 9.468032e-01 4.821347e-03 1.000000e-01
8.187308e+00 1.794087e+00 1.860453e-02 2.000000e-01
7.408178e+00 2.551419e+00 4.040276e-02 3.000000e-01
6.703192e+00 3.227447e+00 6.936095e-02 4.000000e-01
6.065304e+00 3.829989e+00 1.047068e-01 5.000000e-01
5.488146e+00 4.366110e+00 1.457436e-01 6.000000e-01
4.965912e+00 4.842252e+00 1.918366e-01 7.000000e-01
4.493353e+00 5.264234e+00 2.424131e-01 8.000000e-01
4.065748e+00 5.637294e+00 2.969587e-01 9.000000e-01
3.678835e+00 5.966155e+00 3.550103e-01 1.000000e+00
3.328749e+00 6.255102e+00 4.161484e-01 1.100000e+00
3.011982e+00 6.508025e+00 4.799931e-01 1.200000e+00
2.725356e+00 6.728443e+00 5.462014e-01 1.300000e+00
2.466003e+00 6.919533e+00 6.144643e-01 1.400000e+00
2.231330e+00 7.084167e+00 6.845036e-01 1.500000e+00
2.018990e+00 7.224942e+00 7.560679e-01 1.600000e+00
1.826859e+00 7.344210e+00 8.289308e-01 1.700000e+00
1.653016e+00 7.444095e+00 9.028883e-01 1.800000e+00
1.495734e+00 7.526508e+00 9.777578e-01 1.900000e+00
1.353423e+00 7.593205e+00 1.053372e+00 2.000000e+00
1.224645e+00 7.645775e+00 1.129580e+00 2.100000e+00
1.108118e+00 7.685633e+00 1.206249e+00 2.200000e+00
1.002670e+00 7.714074e+00 1.283257e+00 2.300000e+00

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