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Lab-Trac 3.0

Lab-Trac is the world's premiere materials engineering and
formulation software.  The program's proven track record in
major industries have shown it can pay for itself within the
first month of use.

Formulate the way you do business.  Lab-Trac's data is
completely open as it's data structures are dBASE III
compatible and it's output is in ASCII format.  Lab-Trac comes
feature pack to instantly database your business or laboratory.

Reference the on-line manual or print it to your favorite
printer.  Lab-Trac supports over 50 printers with special
features or print to any printer that is PC compatible.

Create millions of custom reports to portray your business in a
professional fashion.  Print the data or export it to any
program which can import ASCII text data.

Lab-Trac 3.0 is completely user defined.  User defined
properties allow each industry to customize Lab-Trac to the
particular material properties and units of measure which are

Components, solids and volatiles are individually calculated from
material properties stored in the material database or periodic

Formulations can be scaled with a batch weight multiplier.
Multilevel formulations, where formulas can become components
for other formulations.  Lab-Trac can database up to 1 billion
formulations each containing 1 billion components.

Fabrication data can be databased and instantly compared to the
batch formulation.  Perform variance analysis with the touch of
a button between the formula and fabricated properties.

Lab-Trac is feature pack with a host of laboratory tools.

Lab-Trac Demo Installation

1.  Place diskette in floppy drive

2.  Change to floppy drive                    A:

3.  Execute the install program               DEMO

Lab-Trac is a single user, single work station program.  You
must purchase a copy of Lab-Trac for each computer that runs

Call for information on site licenses.

To Order:

   Product: Lab-Trac (ea) ..................... $ 495.00
            Florida Resident Sales Tax 6% ..... $  29.70
            Shipping & Handling ............... $  15.00
            Total For Each Copy ............... $ 539.70

            Mail Company Check or Fax Purchase Order

            M Squared Technologies
            2128 Hidden Pine Lane
            Apopka, FL 32712
            (407) 880-2627  Voice & Fax

Thank You For Using Lab-Trac

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