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> Dear Colleagues;
>      I recently downloaded ISIS/Draw version 1.2 for Windows from an FTP site:
>       FTP:  //pub/ibmpc/windows/isis/draw12w.exe
> When I tried to install in on a PC, the installation proceeded until it reached
> a file called "reactant.skc", which the computer was unable to open.
>      I downloaded draw12w.exe again from the same site and tried to install it
> on a different PC, but the same thing happened: the computer was unable to open
> "reactant.skc".
>      Has anyone else had this or a related experience with the programme
> draw12w.exe downloaded from the aforementioned FTP site?  Is this freeware ver-
> sion of ISIS/Draw for Windows somehow disabled by the manufacturer?  I would
> appreciate hearing from MDLI in particular on this last point.
>      Thanks in advance to all responders.
> Sincerely,
> S. Shapiro
I also expreienced the same problems when I downloaded ISIS. However, I have
discovered the solution. After executing draw12w.exe, you MUST run the file
INSTALL.BAT ** before ** you run SETUP.EXE. The install file will create
various directories, and reactant.skc and all the subsequent .skc files will be
found by the setup program.

Good luck,

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