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                   Welcome to the Model Science Home Page

   This page is dedicated to providing information on our current software


Model Science Software is dedicated to developing advance simulation
software for use in education and industry. We are currently developing a
number of technologies and applications. Including our chemistry lab
simulation software, known as ChemLab for Windows.

ChemLab for windows is a real-time 2-D simulation of a chemistry lab in
which the user interacts with animated lab equipment, similar to lab work.
Each lab simulation is contained in a separate simulation module, thus many
different labs are possible using the common lab interface.

A lab simulation module contains code and resources, such as chemical list,
indicator list, available menu options and instructions specific to each
lab. New lab modules can be added to ChemLab by copying them to the program
directory. These lab modules are in fact extensions to the main ChemLab
program which presents a common interface into which a lab module can plug

ChemLab allows users to quickly run-through chemistry labs, in a fraction of
the time of an actual lab, while emphasizing the critical principles and
techniques of experimental chemistry. It is ideal for lab run-throughs,
demonstrations, pre-lab work, dangerous labs and labs which cannot be
performed due to time limitations.

Future work for ChemLab includes a 3-D version based on OpenGL, the
integration of multimedia formats into ChemLab, the addition of analysis
tools and a chemistry back-engine for general chemistry problem solving.
Techniques to allow users to easily create new lab simulations will soon be
incorporated in ChemLab 1.2.


ChemLab Versions:

      Versions      Operating Systems       Features           Preview

                                       Win16, single lab
                                         version, with
    ChemLab 1.0f       Windows 3.1x     lab. Implements
                                           basic lab           [Image]
                                         interface with
                                        interactive lab

                                        Win32, multi-lab
                                          version with
                                          loadable lab
                                       modules. Includes
                                       labs for Acid-base
                       Windows 95,         titration,
    ChemLab 1.1d     Windows NT 3.51       fractional
                    and Win3.1x* with   crystallization,       [Image]
                          WIN32s         specific heat,
                                          analysis and
                                          analysis of
                                        unknown chloride

* ChemLab 1.1d requires that WIN32s (v1.3 or higher) be installed first to
run under Windows 3.x


[Image]ChemLab Software

Please download ChemLab and tell us what you think...

ChemLab 1.1d for Windows 95, NT and Win32s with 6 Labs (including Acid-Base
titration, Fractional Crystallization, Specific Heat, Gravimetric and
Volumetric Analysis)

Version 1.1d for Windows 95, NT 3.51 and Win32s

  1. Download the file into an empty directory on your hard
  2. Unzip in that directory (ChemLab will require about 1MB of
     disk space).
  3. Run chemlab.exe from windows
  4. When ChemLab starts pick a simulation module to load from the
     simulation dialog-box.
  5. Read the lab introduction in the introduction text window. The
     introduction will explain the basic science behind the lab. After
     reading the lab introduction read the procedure.
  6. Select the procedure tab above the text window. Then perform the lab
     following the steps in the procedure. While performing the procedure
     you can record your observations in the observation text window, these
     will be saved in the ChemLab file.

ChemLab 1.1 User's Guide - Word 6.0 format

Version 1.0 for Windows 3.1x

  1. Download the file into an empty directory on your hard
  2. Unzip in that directory (ChemLab will require about 670K of
     disk space).
  3. Run chemlab.exe from windows
  4. Read the help file (from menu or lab manual button) on using ChemLab.
  5. To perform the Fractional crystallization lab select it from the
     experiment menu and select the lab manual and follow instructions.

If you are unable to download ChemLab, versions are also available from

[Image] ZDNet's Software Library


We are pleased to announce that ChemLab 1.1d is a finalist in the 1997
Ziff-Davis Shareware awards competition

 [BEST OF THE NET AWARD, August 1997 Shareware & Freeware for MACs and PCs, The Mining Company]  BEST
OF THE NET AWARD, August 1997, Shareware & Freeware for MACs and PCs, The
Mining Company


 [Image]   Deutsche Version



  ChemLab 1.2a (alpha) now available for early trial, with "Lab Wizard" for
                        customized user lab creation.


  Macintosh and PowerMacintosh users can also run chemlab under SoftWindows
                           from Insignia Solutions


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