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Converting Basis Sets from DGauss ver. 3 to deMol format.

Two perl scripts are given to convert basis sets from DGauss version 3 and earlier format to the one required by deMon. You can obtain the database of basis sets in the format of DGauss ver. 3, from the CCL archives: thanks to generous permission of Oxford Molecular Group. Both scripts are filters, i.e., take the input from STANDRARD INPUT, and send output to STANDARD OUTPUT. I use them like:
cat dg.bas | > dm.bas
where dg.bas is a file containing single definition of a basis set for an element in the format supported by DGauss ver. 3, and dm.bas is the file with a format required for deMon.
Script which converts orbital type basis sets. Two examples of basis sets in DGauss v.3 format are provided for testing: cdzvp.bas, hdzv.bas.
Script which converts auxilliary (fitting) basis sets. Two examples of fitting sets in DGauss format are provided for testing: ha2.abas, lia2.abas.

If you find any bugs, please contact: Jan Labanowski.
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