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GNUPLOT Contributions

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Contributions to GNUPLOT

This document describes GNUPLOT contributions which greatly improve the functionality of GNUPLOT. Not everything has been tested so we offer them as is. For questions please contact the author of that particular mod.

    Point Skips

  • Data Filtering Instead of just having two params following the style param, there are now 4:
    • 1: line_type
    • 2: point_type
    • 3: point_skip - gives the number of data samples per plotted point
    • 4: point_offs - gives the sample number on which to plot the first point
    Thus points are plotted only for the samples n satisfying n = point_skip*i + point_offs for some non-negative integer i. From: pixar!sun!prony.Colorado.EDU! (Michael Clark)

  • Point Skip with Awk With UNIX, gnuplot> plot "< awk '{if(NR%5==0)print$0}' file.dat" From: James Darrell McCauley,

  • New Xlib mods. From: gregg hanna (

    Vectors and Arrows

  • Program to convert lines to vectors This program turns line segments into line segments with a half-arrow at the head: by uncommenting two lines below, the arrowhead will be a triangle. optional arguments: size angle where size is a fraction of each vector's magnitude and angle is in degrees all data taken from standard input, and output to standard output. typical invocation: arrow 0.2 15 vector.heads From: (Andrew M. Ross)

  • Vect2gp, an awk script to make gnuplot command script to draw a vector field map. From: (Yasu-Hiro YAMAZAKI)

  • GNUPLOT to SIPP This is a "far from perfect" converter that takes gnuplot table output and splits it in polygons. Then it calls sipp to render it. You get sipp from or ask archie. From: (Carsten Hammer)

    Histograms and Pie Charts

  • Histogram C program The short C program below is a filter that calculates a histogram from a sequence of numbers and prints the output in such a format that Gnuplot can plot the histogram by the command sequence

    !histogram < datain > tmp; plot "tmp" with impulses

    From: (Mustafa Kocaturk)

  • HG is an automatic histogram generator. it reads a column of data from an input file and emits a [log] histogram ks does ks or chi^2 tests on a set of input arrays. you need the "numerical recipes in C" library somewhere on your system to link this one. I can not undertake to fix bugs or add features, but I might do it if asked. From: Steve Cumming
  • Piechart C program The short C program below formats data for display as a piechart. From: (James Darrell McCauley)

    Interprocess Communications

  • Notes of Windows Hooks From: Maurice Castro,

  • Named Pipes Example From: (Don Taber)

  • PipeLib What the library does is set up to 20 programs going (like gnuplot), then allows you to send to them as if the program were typing on the command line. I've included a brief set of docs after the source code, in latex format. There is no facility to watch the output of a program. From: (Simon Clift)

  • Popen example from lsqrfit The following function sends a command to gnuplot. Gnuplot will execute the command just as if you typed it at the gnuplot command line. This example is adapted from my least squares fitting program which is located at in pub/os2/2_x/unix/ Complete source is included. From: (Michael Courtney)

    Multiple logical plots on a single page

  • Gawk script for multiple encapsulated postscript on a page It's slightly more flexible than mpage, because it changes the aspect ratio of the plots; mpage according to the documentation only allows 1, 2, 4, or 8 plots on a page. This script works for unix with encapsulated postscript (eps) output. It should work with gawk or nawk, although I've only tested it with gawk. (Gawk is GNU's version of awk and is available from You just specify how many rows and columns of plots you want and it does the rest. For example, gnuplot_eps rows=3 cols=2 *.eps | lpr will print all eps files in your current directory with 6 on a page. Also, see the comments in the file. From: (Gary Holt)

  • Sed script for multiple encapsulated postscript on a page You have MULTIPLE postscript files each containing a single plot. From: (Choe Won Gyu)

  • Massive patch with add multiplotcapability to all devices and a lot more. The reason it is offered in this form is because the original multiplot.pat did not patch correctly into gnuplot version 3.5. This mod also add borders options, financial plots, multiple line titles and other asundry items. Use at your own risk. Look at the top of makefile.r for a more complete list of changes. From: Alex Woo,

    Miscellaneous Mods

  • Congp3d3 is a preprocessor to draw contour plots on irregular regions. From: (Margaret Rose Byrne)

  • Sockpipe is a socket based pipe needed for the Stardent OS. From: Mike Hallesy, Stardent Computer Product Support,

  • Time Series is a patch to add multiline titles and labels, time series x and y data and tic marks, and automatic resizing of plots and much more. From: Hans Olav Eggestad,

    Other Operationing Systems

  • MacIntosh Port of Version 3.2 From: Noboru Yamamoto, sun!!

  • MacIntosh Port of Version 3.5 From: (Philippe LAVAL)

  • OS-9 Port of Version 3.2 From: Budelsky
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