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Dear Computational Chemistry Folks (What is Computational Chemistry, and
Who we really are ?)

For people interested in kinetics there is a program to solve kinetic
equations kindly submitted by Mike Whitbeck from Desert Research Institute.
For those not interested in kinetics, the program contains an excellent
stiff diferential equations code. The program is really nice and in C.
The total size of files is about 200kB.

People with ftp access can get it in the following way (assuming you are on
unix machine):
cd to_the_directory_you_want_kinetics_program_to_be
ftp   (or ftp
Login:  anonymous
Password: your_email_address
ftp> cd pub/kinetics
ftp> get note
ftp> binary
ftp> get react.tar.Z
ftp> quit

Then you uncompress and untar the react.tar.Z as:
zcat react.tar.Z | tar xvof -
(if your UNIX does not allow "o" option in tar, you need to be a root).

For those unlucky ones without ftp connection, I made the program available
by e-mail interface, since it is small enough to do it this way.
Start with sending a three-line message to or 
  send kinetics/note from chemistry
  send kinetics/list_of_files from chemistry
  send kinetics/oscpostfile from chemistry
Read the "note" file to see if you want to go on. Then (if so), look at
"list_of_files" file which lists all the files for this program.
Then, EDIT OUT header from "oscpostfile" and send it to
or OSCPOST@OHSTPY.BITNET. Now patiently collect the files as they arrive by
mail (look at Subject: line which tells you the file name).

Jan Labanowski
Working past midnight (it is too hot and humid to sleep)
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