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Note that address of Mike Whitbeck changed. It is now:  or

Thanks to Mike Whitbeck from Desert Research Institute, we have now
an enhanced version of his REACTION program which deals with the kinetics
of the set of chemical reactions. This is now version 2. 
The stiff-diferential-equations' solver lsoda is unchanged from previous
version, but the REACT part now allows you also to fit rate parameters.
The examples were added, too.

How to get more info about the program:

   Send following line to or OSCPOST@OHSTPY.BITNET:
      send kinetics2/react/docs/readme from chemistry
   The file with more description will be automatically sent to you.

How to get the program and test data:
  a) People with ftp
       cd to_the_directory_you_want_kinetics_program_to_be
       ftp   (or ftp
       Login:  anonymous
       Password: your_email_address
       ftp> cd pub/chemistry/kinetics2
       ftp> get readme
       ftp> binary
       ftp> get react2.tar.Z
       ftp> quit

     Then you uncompress and untar the react2.tar.Z as:
     zcat react2.tar.Z | tar xvof -
     (if your UNIX does not allow "o" option in tar, you need to be a root).
     You can also get individual, uncompressed files (e.g., if you are on
     the VAX and do not have tar and zcat) by going down the directory tree
     starting from pub/chemistry/kinetics2.

  b) If you do not have ftp, then you are left with our e-mail interface.
     You obtain instruction on how to get REACT by e-mail by sending a message:
        send kinetics2/oscpostfile from chemistry

Jan Labanowski, Ph.D (Ph.D. - means: Low pH in Duodenum)
Ohio Supercomputer Center

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