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		MOIL-View 8.0 Available!

MOIL-View (MOlecules at ILlinois) is a program for SGI and IBM RS/6000 
workstations designed to allow the user to view and analyze molecular 
structures and dynamics. The program ia available via anonymous ftp,
with full FORTRAN source code and documentation provided. Version
8.0 is a major upgrade from previously available versions.


mouse and menu interface
read/write coordinates in CHARMm CRD, PDB and AMBER formats
OPTIONAL use of MOIL or AMBER topology files for bonding information
allows rotation, translation etc. of structures
display objects as lines, ribbons and/or spheres, sphere quality variable
two molecules may be loaded and displayed simultaneously
overlap function to minimize the RMSD of selected particles in two molecules
user definable colors and particle selection
text labels, fixed to particles or screen location
calculate and show distances, angles and torsions
find and display hydrogen bonds
postscript output of structures, including ball-and-stick and space filling 
print monomer-based contact maps of molecules
trajectory files may be read and a movie can be shown
2D-RMS postscript plots for trajectories, with user-definable overlap selection
cluster analysis of trajectories, plots of clusters, clustering information
trajectory modification- format conversion, frame averaging, particle removal
plot trajectory data such as distances, angles, torsions, RMS, more
compression algorithm for faster playback of complicated dynamics scenes
support for NTSC/genlock video hardware
solvent molecules can be added to a structure (shell or box)
full FORTRAN source code provided for ease of modification


The new anonymous ftp site for MOIL-View is ( 
Log in as anonymous, type 'cd pub', and 'get MOIL-View.src.V8.SGI.tar.Z'. The
IBM RS/6000 version (MOIL-View.src.7.6IBM.tar.Z) has not been fully tested.
Documentation is available in postscript ( and text 
(MOIL-View.V8.doc.txt) versions.

For more information, please contact Carlos Simmerling at
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Carlos L. Simmerling, Ph.D.                 
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry         Phone: (415) 476-7900 
Univ. of California San Francisco     
Box 0446, San Francisco, CA 94143              E-mail:
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