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    =  Installing the MindTool series of programs and utilities.  =
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Note:  Ignore the transfer/de-tar instructions if you have a distribution

This directory contains the necessary tar file for the MindTool
series of programs.  Be sure to set 'bin' mode before transferring.

Uncompress mindtool.tar.Z and de-tar the archive with:

1) uncompress mindtool.tar
2) tar xvf mindtool.tar

This should have created ./mindtool, ./graphics, and ./freeread (Note that
the old ./mind directory has been merged with ./mindtool for ease of

3) You should verify that the following directories exist:


The programs can be installed in other locations, simply change the
BINDIR, LIBDIR ... definitions in the various Makefiles.  

4) There are two libraries that need to be built: libgraphics.a and libFree.a
   These are general purpose libraries and may be used with a variety of
   cd to ./graphics and type 'make install'.  Do this in turn to
   ./freeread, and ./mindtool.  This should be all that is needed
   to install the MindTool program.  See the ./mindtool/examples directory for
   some test cases.

Note: Users with SunOS4.1.x installed should see ./graphics/README4.1.x 
      for directions on linking to the CGI libraries.  The CGI libraries 
      are available with the standard SunOS under the "optional" graphics 
      installation, normally installed in /usr/old.  The current distribution 
      of the MindTool program takes care of linking with the CGI libraries.

The program 'mugs' is used to manipulate PostScript files 
(i.e., N-up printing, stereoplotting, rotating, etc.) produced by MindTool.

We are currently running the programs on SPARCstations and a 4/260
(color and monochrome) with SunOS4.1.1 and FORTRAN 1.4.  Our printer is
an Apple LaserWriter IINT.

Note:  We currently append a control-D to the end of the PostScript file,
       which is also a valid EPS file.  This may bother some spoolers, if
       your spooler complains, comment out the CONTROL_D flag in 
       ./graphics/Makefile and remake ./graphics and ./mind.
       Also, if your default printer is not PostScript, be sure to set
       your PRINTER environment variable to one that handles PostScript, or 
       "plot" to a file and print it with the spooler/printer of your
       own choice.

We would like to know what you think of the above programs.  If you
have any improvements/suggestions, please send us a note.  If you run
into any problems, please don't hesitate to give us a call (203)
432-6288 or send us email at,

Best Wishes,

Jim Blake
Julian Tirado-Rives
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