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===>   Installing the MindTool series of programs and utilities.   <===

Note:  Ignore the transfer/de-tar instructions if you have a distribution

This directory contains the necessary tar file for the MindTool
series of programs.  Be sure to set 'bin' mode before transferring.

Uncompress mindtool.tar.Z and de-tar the archive with:

1) uncompress mindtool.tar
2) tar xvf mindtool.tar

This should have created ./mindtool, ./mind, ./graphics, and ./freeread.
You should verify that the following directories exist:


The programs can be installed in other locations, simply change the
BINDIR, LIBDIR ... definitions in the various Makefiles.  

There are two libraries that need to be built: libgraphics.a and libFree.a

cd to ./graphics and type 'make install'.  Do this in turn to
./freeread, ./mind, and ./mindtool.  This should be all that is needed
to install the MindTool program.  Users with SunOS4.1.x installed
should see ./graphics/README4.1.x for directions on linking to the CGI
libraries.  The CGI libraries are available with the standard SunOS,
under the "optional" graphics installation.  The program 'mugs' is
used to manipulate PostScript files (i.e., N-up printing, stereo
plotting, rotating, etc.).

We are currently running the programs on SPARCstations and a 4/260
(color and monochrome) with SunOS4.1.1 and FORTRAN 1.4.  Our printer is
an Apple LaserWriter IINT.  

Note:  We currently append a control-D to the end of the PostScript file,
       which is also a valid EPS file.  This may bother some spoolers, if
       your spooler complains, comment out the CONTROL_D flag in 
       ./graphics/Makefile and remake ./graphics and ./mind.
       Also, if your default printer is not PostScript, be sure to set
       your PRINTER environment variable to one that handles PostScript, or 
       "plot" to a file and print it with the spooler/printer of your
       own choice.

We would like to know what you think of the above programs.  If you
have any improvements/suggestions, please send us a note.  If you run
into any problems, please don't hesitate to give us a call (203)
432-6288 or send us email at,

Best Wishes,

Jim Blake
Julian Tirado-Rives

From sunc!!!!yale!quasi-eli!!news Fri May 17 23:57:45 EDT 1991
Article 41674 of sci.chem:
Xref: sunc alt.sys.sun:3375 sci.chem:41674
Path: sunc!!!!yale!quasi-eli!!news
>From: (James F. Blake)
Newsgroups: alt.sys.sun,sci.chem
Subject: MindTool availability for molecular visualization.
Message-ID: <>
Date: 14 May 91 14:53:23 GMT
Sender: (Usenet News)
Organization: Laboratory for Computational Chemistry, Yale University
Lines: 18

  Julian Tirado-Rives and myself have written a SunView based
molecular display and analysis program called MindTool.  The program
runs on Sun's and displays the 3-D structures of molecules in
wireframe and ball-n-stick format.  Hardcopy output in PostScript
format can be sent to a LaserWriter or file (valid EPS) for inclusion
in documents.  (cf., Blake, J.F.; Jorgensen, W.L. J. Am. Chem. Soc.
1990, 112, 7269.)  One may annotate plots with text, lines, arrows, and
arcs.  A utility program, mugs, may be used on saved PostScript files to
place many pictures on a page.

  A copy of the MindTool program and related libraries can be
transferred from: (  Login via
anonymous ftp and cd to "pub/MindTool", get the README file.  The tar
file mindtool.tar.Z should be transferred in binary mode and installed
as in the README file. 


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