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From:	IN%""  "DOUGLAS A. SMITH"  4-FEB-1991 06:59:11.20
Subj:	XDRAW via ftp

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Date: Sun, 3 Feb 91 23:56 EST
Subject: XDRAW via ftp
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We have developed an X-window version of the program DRAW, originally
written by Don Storch at the Seiler Research Labs.  The X-window interface
is useful, but somewhat crude.  However, it should run on any X machine
or terminal.  There is also an Apollo GPR driver.  We have also been told
that the code can be easily modified to run on an HP 9000 - as soon as the
details are available we will add this driver.

If you want to get a copy of XDRAW via anonymous ftp, it is available
at UTOLEDO.EDU, internet address  FTP in with username
ANONYMOUS, password = your name.  You will be in DUA6:[PUB].  Set your
default directory to [.CHEMISTRY.XDRAW] - you may have to do this by
two successive commands: cd chemistry, cd xdraw.  (This is a VAX 6420
running VMS.)  DIR will get you a list of all the files.  There are 103
files, but I would not suggest that you get anything .BIN or .EXE, since
these were compiled on other machines and probably are corrupt.

Please use the code, and let me know how you like it or if there are any
bugs, suggestions, etc.  If you make any changes or modifications or
additions, please send them to me so that I can incorporate them into
future versions of the code.

Douglas A. Smith
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of Toledo
Toledo, OH  43606-3390

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