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STEPIT is a routine used for fitting general functions of many parameters. The original routine was written by by Chandler in Fortran and is described in the reference listed below. A few years ago I got fed up with writing all of my models in Fortran (on a IBM CMS machine, no less) and ran the thing through F2C, then hacked at the resulting code until it worked. The code is really ugly and I didn't comment it well, but if you're smart you'll just compile it into a library and forget about it.

You'll need to link in a bunch of the F2C routines, so I provided a set below. The first link below includes the original Fortran subroutine, the C translation, and some example files used to call the routine. The second link includes all of the F2C source necessary to compile the program (along with other source that isn't necessary). I've run the software extensively on PCs and it seems okay. It also seems alright on a Sun running SunOS 4.3.1_U1. I don't guarantee anything beyond this (frankly, I don't even guarantee that it'll work anywhere, even on my own machines!)


Chandler, J.D. (1969). Subroutine STEPIT: Finds local minima of a smooth function of several parameters. Behavioral Science, 14, 81-82.

* STEPIT and associated code.

* F2C source.


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