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From: Jeffrey Gosper 
Subject: Windows interface to BABEL available
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Dear CCL users,
we have completed a Windows interface for BABEL (a popular and free chemistry
file conversion program - versions 1.06 and 1.6 for DOS) that we are making
available to the Chemistry community. It is a general utility and may be regarded as a
'tag-on' program for Re_View, although you don't need Re_View to enjoy its
BABELwin allows the user to select the file input/output types/filenames and then
runs the DOS version of BABEL in a DOS shell (as such the user must have BABEL
installed on their computer). We find that the Windows interface greatly increases
the rate at which we can develop files for MOPAC (using a molecular editor to create
a PDB file and converting this to a MOPAC input file) and also conversion MOPAC 
and other QM packagess output so it can graphically viewed.
 If you would like to obtain BABELwin then you can down load the 16 bit or 32 bit
version from: or babelwin.exe
Please drop me an Email message when you download BABELwin. Also an comments
and bug reports are welcomed.
Further information on BABEL is available at:
 Dr. Jeff Gosper, Dept. of Chemistry, BRUNEL University
 Uxbridge Middx UB8 3PH, UK
 voice:  01895 274000 x2187, facsim: 01895 256844
 Re_View's home page (molecular animations or Chem-4D):
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