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Perl News/Mail Gateways

Perl News/Mail Gateways

I haven't tested the mail2news gateway very much, and both are configured for Cornell's server, so you'll need to customize them for your site. However, they work for the most part.

If you make modifications that make these scripts smarter, more robust, or more powerful, please let me know and/or send me a copy of your modified script with a short description of what you did. Please send them to Thanks!

The scripts are: and

For, you'll want an entry in your newsfeeds file that looks something like this:

  :Tp:/inn/bin/ %s

Don't forget to check the path to

For, a sendmail alias like this should work:

misc-test: "|/inn/bin/ misc.test"

Please note that your mileage may vary. These scripts are small hacks, not production code.

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