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This archive contains the XBS (the original program by Michael Methfessel,  and a derivative XBSA which was hacked by 
Jan Labanowski, 

Recently (Fri, May 9, 2014 ) Alessandro Mottura introduced small correction
to the xbsa.c file to fix small problem with the PS grayscale printing.

The XBS/XBSA progam is a simple utility to display molecules under X-Window
system. It is fairly portable, produces nice plots and PostScript files,
and is small and easy to compile/install. Use it or loose it {:-)}.

To unpack it use:
     tar zxvf xbsa.tgz
*** obsolete file zcat xbsa.tar.Z | tar xvof - ***

at ftp prompt, just in case.

The unpacked version is also provided under xbsa directory.

The program is distributed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, i.e., the
program is free, and the original or its derivatives can be distributed only
for free. Read the attached License file for details.


src -- source code and installation instructions in the file INSTALL
doc -- documentation for the program in HTML, ASCI, and PostScript
util -- utilities to convert from XYZ format to XBS format
examples -- example files to view with XBS
bin -- binaries for some popular UNIX systems
orig -- original XBS program before modifications (macerations?) by
        Jan Labanowski,

Any questions about this distribution? (Jan Labanowski)
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