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[Directory] DNA_benchmark 11-Apr-1999 10:24 DNA Benchmarks for Molecular Dynamics
[Directory] METMOD1 11-Apr-1999 10:24 METMOD1 FORCE FIELD
[Directory] MM-validation-suite 11-Apr-1999 10:24 MMFF94 Validation Suite (1996)
[Directory] MMFF94 11-Apr-1999 10:24 MMFF94 Validation Suite, updated
[Directory] MMFF94s 24-Apr-1999 10:24 MMFF94s Validation Suite (1999)
[Directory] Protein-spreadsheet 11-Apr-1999 10:24 LOTUS123 spreadsheet program for polypeptides
[Text] README 05-Jun-1998 12:00 805
[Directory] RM1_in_Gaussian03 03-Aug-2006 12:00 RM1 method Gaussian 03
[Directory] atomic-RHF-wavefunctions 11-Apr-1999 10:24 atomic Roothaan-Hartree-Fock wave functions for He through Xe
[Directory] basis-sets 28-Oct-1998 13:37 Basis Sets (DGauss, Karlsuhe)
[Directory] ff_evaluation_suite 11-Apr-1999 10:24 Force Field Evaluation Suite
[Directory] fullerenes 11-Apr-1999 10:24 Cartesian Coordinates of a number of fullerenes
[Directory] parm_at_Frosst 17-Nov-2011 20:24 AMBER Small Molecule Force Field: parm@Frosst
[Directory] prime-numbers 11-Apr-1999 08:30 First 100k Prime Numbers as text file

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