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Security of CCL server

Security of this site is very important for Computational Chemistry List, Ltd, and we pay attention to details. Here is the list of measures that make this site secure

  • We do not store sensitive information on this server (e.g., credit card numbers). Beside credit card information we do not collect sensitive information, like social security numbers, dates of birth, bank account numbers, etc., since we do not need it. At this time we do not offer payments via electronic checks (e-check).
  • When we collect payment by credit card over the Internet, the credit card number, expiration date and CVV code are not stored on the server, but directly relayed to the payment gateway via encrypted connection. We use services of Authorize.Net -- an established, secure and reliable provider of such services since 1996 with more than 130,000 merchant accounts as of 2005. Our scripts for collecting credit card numbers were designed by a person who has over 30 years of computer experience and are based on recommended examples and solutions offered by the Authorize.Net for software developers.
  • To ensure secure communication during credit card processing we use the 128-bit or 256-bit Secure Socket Layer technology guarded with our GoDaddy Turbo SSL Certificate issued by one of the most popular Internet Registrars: and signed by Starfield Secure Certification Authority. Communication between our server and the customer, as well as communication between server and the payment gateway, is handled only via encrypted SSL connection when sensitive credit card information is relayed. Before you enter your credit card information, make sure that your browser displays the in the Location: field on the top, and that the locked padlock is displayed at the bottom of your browser. When you doubleclick on the padlock you should see the Digital Certificate information. Use only latest Web browsers and make sure that your computer is free of virus, spyware and keystroke sniffers. Do not enter any sensitive information from publicly accessible computers that are not well maintained.

CCL Servers run Linux operating system and use Apache server. Our servers are protected with a firewall. We carefully monitor our logs and constantly update system software with the latest security fixes. The static portion of the site is backed up weekly, while the most active server areas are backed-up daily.

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