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Initial Growth of Number of Messages

In the early days the number of messages per day started to grow at the alarming rate. While heavy traffic may on first sight be a sign of success, it also deters busier people from participation and in following list discussions. The technical change had been made that the replies by default go to the author of the message, rather than the CCL distribution. Author of the original question is strongly encouraged to post a summary of responses, after storting the messages and trimming headers, footers, end repeated quotations. Morover, after discussions with subscribers, additional rules were successively introduced to weed out messages which are not of general interest. Serveral topics which were contributing to high traffic are now supported off line via Web archives (e.g., job announcements, commercial advertising, etc.). These policies, which keep the number of messages in check, make it possible to retain many internationally recognized experts in the field among list subscribers. Otherwise, with the high traffic they would be forced to unsubscribr. Current trafic is around 10 messages a day, which is generally recognized as comfortable for list participants.

Growth in number of messages
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