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 1-Jan-98	V2.4b
23-Dec-97	Verify installation under DU4.0, Redhat4.2, Irix5.3, Irix6.4
		add patch to work around I/O glitch in AIX
26-Nov-97	Add object type 17 (VERTEXRGB) and subroutine CHKRGB
		Allow # to denote comments in input stream to render
21-Oct-97	Fix bug preventing normal3d from handling CYLFLAT objects
15-Oct-97	Oops, forgot to remove the -alpha flag to enable ISCHEME=0
22-Sep-97	Fix major bug in BACKFACE flag set condition
15-Sep-97	in local.c: change TIFFTAG_ROWSPERSTRIP to be same as ysize
15-Sep-97	default to anti-aliasing scheme 4 in balls, ribbon, rods
11-Sep-97	default colors and -Bcolor option added to rods
 4-Sep-97	Fix normals of flat cylinder ends (thanks to Takaaki Fukami)
13-Aug-97	To please stupid Fortran compilers, including f2c, remove
		READONLY from OPEN statements
 2-Jul-97	New object type for quadric surfaces, and rastep utility to
		generate ellipsoids from ANISOU records in PDB file.
		Also new object type NOTRANS to render subsequent objects
		independently from TMAT in header.
 4-Aug-97	V2.3d
		ribbon option -d6 to use COLOUR templates for ribbon color
		include a copy of local_jpeg.c in distribution
		update the README instructions for patching Molscript
28-Jul-97	Square the colors in ungrasp (suggested by Albert Berghuis).
17-Jun-97	"stereo3d -" will accept input from stdin 
13-May-97	Add BACKFACE material property, reduce amount of default
		diagnostic output (still available via render -debugging),
		EYEPOS = 0 to disable perspective in rendering
 8-May-97	correct order of scheme=4 testing in normal3d.f
 7-May-97	V2.3c 
		remove DATA statements to make Sun compiler happy
 5-May-97	Multiple glow lights, corrections to label placement
		glow lights and labels now handled by normal3d
		example file for labels
		make cyl1 a function (remove coordinate/scale dependence)
19-Apr-97	Tidy things up for beta release V2.3b 
 8-Mar-97	Object type 13 = glow light source
 6-Mar-97	Large tiles + many objects could give shadowing errors
		Increase SLOP parameter, and make it scale with tile size
25-Feb-97	-radius option for rods
		additional MATERIAL records signaled by OPT(4) > 0
		stereo3d script
27-Jan-97	trap end-on cylinders to prevent divide by zero
		Accept (but ignore) label object types 10 and 11 in render.
		New utility labels3d that processes labels in render input file
22-Nov-96	per-tile transparency count (faster), also temp variable
		for kstart(itile,jtile) (1.5% faster - not bad for single line)
15-Nov-96	SCHEME=0 writes alpha channel to output image
10-Oct-96	Trap and forgive shadowing error if NSX or NSY too small
19-Aug-96	Revised set of patches to Molscript.  Not yet quite stable. 
 6-Jun-96	Change default to no HIDDEN triangles, fix minor bug in normals 
 3-May-96	File indirection added to render.f 
 9-Feb-96	add utility programs normal3d and ungrasp
 8-Feb-96	V2.2beta has support for transparent materials 
 1-Feb-96	Fix major problems with explicit surface normals
22-Jan-96	Makefile for Irix 6.1, added utility normal3d, 
		OSF compile option -fast, bug fix in CYL1 to avoid divide by 0 
 3-Aug-95	V2.11 adds TIFF_INVERT workaround to local.c
30-Jun-95	Version 2.1 release via ftp and www
28-Apr-95	object types 7/8/9 folded back into regular distribution (V2.1)
		Rename setup to balls; change references everywhere
		HTML version of documentation
13-Apr-95	remove unused code from modsubs.f which made solaris unhappy
01-Mar-95	V2.03 onto ftp site
24-Feb-95	Fix bug in CYL1 routine which caused pieces of cylinder ends
		to disappear if they tipped too far toward the viewer
20-Jan-95	Move data statements in ribbon1.f, render.f to make linux happy
29-Nov-94	update ftp site to release V2.02
28-Nov-94	add Elya Kurktchi's Makefile for SUNOS
28-Nov-94	add section on Moslcript->Raster3D stereo to
16-Nov-94	update ftp site to release V2.01
 5-Aug-94	add filter utility avs2ps for producing B&W PostScript output
 4-Aug-94	include patch to Molscript V1.4 to support dotted lines
21-Jul-94	bugfix to input code for PLANE objects,
		add hints section to manual
22-Apr-94	Version 2.0 release
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