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This directory contains files related to the Raster3D molecular graphics

Raster3D_2.4b.tar.Z 	-  Current version of Raster3D 2.4
Raster3D_2.4b.tar.gz	   (LAST CHANGE 12-Jan-98)
README.2.4		-  Release Notes for version 2.4

Raster3D_2.3d.tar.Z 	-  Previous stable version of Raster3D
Raster3D_2.3d.tar.gz	   (LAST CHANGE  7-Aug-97)
README.2.3		-  Release Notes for version 2.3

preras3d-1.5.tar.Z	-  source distribution for an alternative 
			   figure composition tool (last change 22-Aug-96)

viewtools.tar.Z		-  Mark Israel's viewer/annotator program "show"
			   (sgi only), plus a utility from Albert Berghuis
			   and Michael Murphy which converts Raster3D images
			   to half-toned monochrome for black+white printers.
			   Probably only useful for SGI/IBM/ESV machines.

examples/		-  image files corresponding to the example
			    figures in the Raster3D distribution kit
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