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			DSQL - Distributed SQL
			     Version 3
	    Scientific Computing Technology Development Group
			   Genentech, Inc.

DSQL is a simple client/server protocol to support remote access of SQL
databases.  DSQL was designed to be easy to implement, yet provide most
of the functionality needed to support distributed applications which
require access to centralized databases.  DSQL was designed in response
to a perceived need at Genentech to provide graphical front-ends on
Macintosh computers to our Informix relational databases running on
Unix servers.  As a result, the protocol is tailored to the execution
of simple SQL queries resulting in textual data.  Version 3 of the protocol
also supports creation and access to SQL cursors.

The DSQL protocol is simple to implement, easily portable across
platforms and architectures, but does not provide explicit support for
some of the "tough" issues in distributed databases such as
cross-machine joins, a transaction processing model, and an
architecture-neutral binary data format.  Version 3 of DSQL does
provide the client with access to host files, and a simple facility for
remote execution.  In addition to some limited access to
getting/setting environment variables on the host.

DSQL version 3 is distributed with 2 server implementations and four
client library implementations.  The API for the client libraries has
been standardized, and the client code is divided into portable and
architecture-specific portions.  Currently servers exist for
Unix/Informix and VMS/Oracle.  Client implemetations exist for Unix,
Macintosh, MS-DOS, and MS-Windows.  In addition, a set of Hypercard
XCMDs has been written allow use of the Macintosh DSQL client from

DSQL is NOT public domain, although Genentech provides DSQL free-of-charge
and with no use restrictions.  DSQL may be obtained via anonymous ftp from (

				Original Authors:
					David Mischel
					Scooter Morris
					Terry Oberzeir
					Kathryn Woods

				Current DSQL Team:
					Jim Fitzgerald
					David Mischel
					Scooter Morris
					Terry Oberzier
				VMS/Oracle support provided by:
					Dan Lamb

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